5pcs 5V USB RS232 Bluetooth Serial Adapter Communication Master Slave Board Module Bluetooth Communication Module HC 05-in Integrated Circuits from Electronic Components & Supplies

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5pcs 5V USB RS232 Bluetooth Serial Adapter Communication Master-Slave Board Module Bluetooth Communication Module HC-05 Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Type Voltage Regulator
Condition New
is_customized Yes
Brand Name SXINDA
Supply Voltage 5V
Operating Temperature - 20-80 degrees Celsius
Model Number HC-05

Product features and characteristics


This product is an embedded bluetooth protocol stack of RS - 232 interface bluetooth adapter. Product main function is to replace the traditional serial cable connection, users dont need to the original line connection scheme to make too many changes, can quickly upgrade the serial cable connection of the original for the wireless bluetooth serial port connection. For those who dont want to have too much attachment of industrial, medical, business and other fields of application, this article provides a simple and quick, safe and reliable wireless solutions.

The product inside the bluetooth communication protocol, so there is no need to install driver, other can be used in Windows system, can also be in DOS, the Linux graphical operating system in use.

When users need to know the bluetooth communication technology professional knowledge, for the user, or a serial port communication, and there is no difference with the traditional serial cable connections, communication application developers need to write a serial port communication code.

When using bluetooth 2.1 standard CSR bluetooth chip. Enhance the BER of error rate performance and automatic frequency hopping technology, can ensure the safety of efficient communication, and have stronger anti-interference ability, guarantee the stability and reliability of communication.

When the user can through the AT command set from 1200 BPS to 1382400 BPS, twelve different baud rate (the default value is 9600, n, 8, 1), can also set a more personalized bluetooth name for equipment.

Low support bluetooth Serial Port Profiles (SPP), can with bluetooth function and notebook computers, desktop computers and handheld wireless PDA equipped with bluetooth adapter, bluetooth GPS support bluetooth SPP services such as equipment for connection and communication.

Low transmission power accord with standard of bluetooth Class2, PCB printing antenna built-in Gao Gan degree, stable communication distance can reach 15 meters, can be wireless data transmission through walls.

Low RS232 serial bluetooth adapter needs by means of the MiniUSB interface adapter for the adapter power supply.


Equipped with RESET RESET button, can delete saved has paired device information from the adapter, and a new bluetooth device matching.


The main specification parameters

Low standards: bluetooth SIG v2.1 + EDR,

Low Bluetooth protocol: Bluetooth serial port profile (SPP)

Low interfaces: RS232

Low communication rate: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, 230400, 460800, 921600, 460800 BPS

Low modulation mode: 2.4 G ISM frequency hopping (FHSS) direct sequence

Low communication distance: open space 15 meters, Class 2 grade

Low transmission power: 4 dBm

Low sensitivity to accept: - 79 DBM

Low working voltage: 5 v

Low work/dormancy current: 40 mA / 1.6 mA (typical)

Low temperature environment/storage environment temperature: - 10-50 degrees Celsius / - 20-80 degrees Celsius

Low size: 56.5 mm * 38.5 mm * 14.5 mm