GE 5670 electronic tube directly on behalf of the original batch of 5670W/6N3/6H3/396A inventory matching-in Fuses from Home Improvement on AliExpress - 11.11_Double 11_Singles' Day

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GE 5670 electronic tube directly on behalf of the original batch of 5670W/6N3/6H3/396A inventory matching Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Model Number 5670
The new original American company produces JAN-5670W, jun level audio tube, can be directly upgraded replacement 396A / 2C51 / 56N / 6N3 / 6H3N, sound transparent rounded, bile rich, high and low frequency extension excellent, high frequency slender soft, rich frequency Magnetic, low frequency potential deep and no flexibility. Is the domestic 6N3, the Russian 6H3N upgrade replacement. Can also directly replace 2C51, 396A and ordinary 5670. Pit screen, large ring, enhanced mica, green powder word + matte word mark.
This is the absolute production of the old gall bladder, absolutely true package. GE / 5670W for the military regulations double three-pole signal tube, its short sturdy structure is to be able to in a variety of harsh industrial and jun occasions long use. New single boxed, very rare! Than the average 2 hand of the ordinary 5670 is more excellent and durable! Equipped with vivid S5 or other use 5670 tube sound equipment excellent charm, balance resistance, strong texture, more on a level!
GE / 5670W, high school low-frequency control is very good, the slightest charm, very Naiting, a lot of high-end equipment are used this bile school sound, showing its status is quite high, different bile machine put this bladder will have different levels Enhance, and the most important thing is that this gall bladder will make you listen more and more taste, give you the most wonderful music.